Tin Lizzy's x Catering x National Tequila Day

We have had a soft spot in our hearts for Tin Lizzy’s ever since we first moved to the A and heard that the creators/obviously really cool dudes behind it were FSU Alumna. It was basically a safe haven for us to run to on game days/any day we were needing a marg fix and feel like we were right back at home with all our fellow Noles by our sides. And also, their chips are seasoned AF and we literally have dreams about them… 

But anywho, we had our first experience here during football season in Fall 2014 and ya, we had like no friends here so we thought we’d hit up Tin Lizzy’s with Megan’s parents who were in town (they’re not regular parents-they’re cool parents). We drowned ourselves with chips, queso, tacos and got pretty turnt…We then proceeded to take good ole mom and dad to The Ivy…. What a terrible decision (cc: red bull/vodka). Let’s just say that later that night we ended up answering the telephones at Papa John’s and were politely escorted out of the building. Moral of the story: our wonderful night all started with the magic of Tin Lizzy’s. It’s basically the greatest love story of our time. 

Fast forward to today and now; we are old and washed up. So much so that a surprise party was thrown in honor of Kathleen hitting the big 25. I mean, can you say quarter life crisis??? It was Mexican themed so of course, Tin Lizzy’s came to the rescue and catered the shit out of it.  They suggested a TACO BAR AND WE SAID YES….like how much more perfect could it get? Answer: impossible bc that day and food spread was LIT. We’ve gone ahead and listed what was present during our hella poppin’ b-day party below bc we are really nice girls and think that everyone deserves an incredible b-day party catered by Tin Lizzy’s. 

They were so helpful and amazing at making suggestions and we wouldn’t change a thing! See our catering order below!

Soft Flour Tortillas
½ Grilled Chicken
½ Grilled Steak
Shredded Lettuce
Black Beans
Pico de Gallo
Shredded Jack Cheese
Sour Cream
Smoky Chipotle Sauce
Signature Seasoned Chips (DUH)
Salsa Roja
Fresh Guacamole
Queso Blanco

And just FYI, Tin Lizzy’s goes above and beyond. They give you all the good utensils, plates, napkins you name it!  Literally everything but the Margarita Machine ;) And we think it's no coincidence that tomorrow is NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY and of course, Tin Lizzy’s is making us proud once again. Can you say fiesta? Bc you’re about to. In honor of such a momentous Holiday, Tin Lizzy’s is offering..........

1800 Tequila shots for just $2.00 starting Monday July 24th - Sunday July 30th.

That gives you 7 whole days to get yourself all the way tequila turnt up.  

In conclusion, Tin Lizzy's is it. 

Megan Roth