Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery in Duluth!


Fun fact: we are HUGE PB & J fans ever since the very beginning…and what are some of the best PB&J's that stand out to us you ask? Schlotzsky's my friend. That’s right, that’s where our infatuation with Schlotzsky’s Cafe and Bakery first began. Their bread y’all. It is literally such a game changer and when we heard they had come up with a new restaurant concept that was inspired by the place where Schlotzsky's all began; Austin, TX-  specifically around their food truck scene there, we knew they were onto something here. Because for those of you who don’t know, Austin’s street food game is slap yo’ mama good. (No offense to our moms).

When we first walked into Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery, located in Duluth, GA, we were immediately greeted with bright colors, eclectic signs, live music, a rather large beer and wine list (oh yeah, baby) and of course, the incredible smell of fresh bread being baked in the kitchen…Immediately, we knew we would be more than content here.

It was such a treat being able to meet Chef Maira Morales herself, as we quickly learned that she was the mastermind behind it all. Chef Maira’s passion behind this project was inevitable, which was so fun for us to hear and see her story unfold before our very eyes. She not only had us extremely captivated, but also exceptionally eager to try all of her Austin-inspired creations. And before you knew it, we were greeted with some delectable dishes that far surpassed our PB&J days...


That’s right, we started off with a bang with their amazing picante papusa, which was literally a flavor explosion of sweet corn-cake, slow roasted pork carnitas, pineapple kale cole slaw, queso fresco, and a few other incredibly thought-out ingredients that made this item so distinctly delicious. Up next, we had some amazingly fresh salads that we actually enjoyed (healthy isn’t our strong suit, okay?), sweet & sassy sliders, crazy-good cubans, fantastic flatbreads, beyond berserk brisket mac and cheese, totally tasty tacos, and last but certainly not least...their Deluxe Original style sandwich. #alliterationsrock 

Mhmmm oh yeah, this seductive stack of sandwich was all that we had ever wanted and more. We mean come on, it’s loaded with double the meat- double your pleasure, double your fun, right?! Yup, we were reunited with that sexy sourdough bread that we had been missing like the desert misses the rain. LOL and we’re not even being dramatic about it because it was just as good as we remembered. 

Cleary, Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery offers an incredibly wide menu to pick from, but you honestly can’t lose with any of their dishes. And just in case this Austin-Inspired eatery hasn’t given you enough reasons to stop by, they also conveniently offer a drive through option as well so you can be eating good on the road too! Talk about a luxury. 


And just when we thought we were ready to throw in the towel and throw on our stretchy pants, we walked by the front dessert counter…. With cookies as big as our heads (yes, our heads are huge) and warm Cinnabon cinnamon rolls waiting for us, there was literally no way we couldn’t end this night at Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery on a sweet note.

Let’s just say we will being seeing you very soon Schlotzsky’s ;) 

Megan Roth