About the Hungry Girls

Two girls. One love 4 food. Taking over Atlanta, one bite at a time. 

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Hungrygirl #1: Grew up a self proclaimed grainaterian-only eating bagels, pasta, white bread and ketchup on absolutely everything. She has expanded her pallet after being trained by The Dedman School of Hospitality at The Florida State University. Obsessed with all things Instagram and anything that is truffle-touched. 

Hungrygirl #2: Doesn’t function before consuming 3-6 caffeinated beverages a day. On a constant search for the world’s best breakfast burrito. Obsessed with hotdogs and avocados. Pretty simple girl with a bad shopping addiction. 

 Hungry Girls Do It Better all started at the prestigious Florida State University, where we quickly discovered our passion for all things food related and VOILA a friendship for the ages was created.  From there,  we graduated college, packed our bags and moved to the greatest city of all time, Atlanta.  We are constantly searching for a new adventure, and figured there was no better way to explore the city than through our mouths! Whether it be upscale or quick service dining [as long as its good, we eat it].