andThat! Kennesaw

Sponsored by andThat!

If you know us at all, you know we having serious shopping problems that have gotten us both into trouble with our parental units on more than one occasion. (It happens way less now that we're somewhat functioning adults/we updated our bank account passwords.) However, when we heard about the mysterious/has everything you may ever need store by the name of "andThat!", we knew that we had to explore this riddling retailer even further. Just to give you all some background info, andThat! comes from the same brilliant creators as The Christmas Tree Shops and Bed Bath & Beyond, so it's safe to say that we felt more than comfortable walking in there knowing that at least half of our bi-weekly paychecks would not be returning home with us. And we were right...because we wanted that, that, andThat!

We were honestly blown away by the amount and array of merchandise that this charming Kennesaw store they had to offer. With everything from summer seasonal items, to home decor, to their own beer & wine room (including local vendors) , to exclusive locally made products,  to quality food (our personal fav), they seriously had it all. And not to be super cheesy or anything but we could like actually afford it all too. Incredible prices to say the least (especially if you ever do figure out our updated bank account passwords.) 

From looking below, you can catch a mere vision to just how much the store has to offer, but seriously people, you've gotta see it to believe it. We even created a rustic, seasonal summer tablescape for under $50! It kinda inspired us to host a summer soirée so stay tuned on that. 

Ultimately, our favorite part of the store experience was the "Meet the Maker" concept, where they bring in some of their local merchants to share their stories and allow shoppers to even sample some of their product. (We love samples). We were lucky enough to meet the folks behind Monday Night Brewing and Hometown Honey and yes, we did leave the store with bulks amount of each of these products. #Noregrets And to top it all off, we brought along some of our favorite fellow Atlanta blogger friends to take part in the shopping shenanigans with us. We all seem to respond really well to retail therapy so this store experience was v healing for everyone there...

Overall, we will 100% be back to andThat! for this and that, and that...LOL you guys get the picture. Thanks to andThat! for sponsoring this post. 

Megan Roth