Honey Baked Easter!


SPRANGSVING HAS SPRUNG, Y’ALL. Never heard of Sprangiving? Have no fear because we totally just made that up right now but honestly, who could blame us after Honey Baked Ham served up the Easter Brunch spread of the century seen here?! Yeah, this might be our new favorite Holiday…

We know everyone celebrates the Easter season a little differently but with the endless options that Honey Baked has to offer, everyone will be agreeing on one thing…. WE ALL WANT SECONDS. Yup. Honey Baked Ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, cinnamon apples, red velvet cake, pecan pie, must we go on?? Because we’re pretty sure these dishes never go out of style and taste amazing regardless of what season it may be. 

So, call up your scary Mother-In-Law, all your BFF’s, and maybe even your neighbors across the street as well because this springtime spread is SURE to land you at the top of everyone’s hostess with the mostess list. Literally no sweat off our backs, considering we’re some of the most insuffiecient people you will ever see in the kitchen but NOPE not today. We are looking even better than the Easter bunny right now. Easter Sprangsgivng is about to be trending y’all, you just wait and see. 

Megan Roth