Building a Better McDonalds


And those golden arches just got FRESHER. Like we needed an excuse to keep us from coming back  to the one and only Mickey D’s but now, all bets are off because this ish just got real. LOL but actually.  We’re like proud parents right now after partnering up with McDonald’s, as they are now offering 100% fresh, cooked-to-order quarter pounders that are HOTTER & JUICIER THAN EVER before-let us tell you.

Remember when they rolled out all day breakfast? Yeah, gooooood times but this is definitely giving that special day a run for its money. Now, not only are they rolling out the fre$hest of the fre$h quarter pounders but they are also implementing a touch screen to order system, where you can let your eyes and your fingertips guide your complete order decisions...BC SOMETIMES YA JUST DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR OPTIONS ON A SCREEN IN FRONT OF YOU #visuallearners #visualeaters Same same but different. Soon enough you’ll see these order screens at McDonald’s at all restaurant locations by early May. Do we feel like celebs for seeing one of the first touch-to-order screens?!  You bet your bottom dollar. 

You gotta try it and taste it to believe it but the difference is cutting edge. We’ll race ya to the nearest McDonald’s touch screen menu ;) OH and don’t forget the XL fries bc duh


Megan Roth