A Very Racetrac Christmas

And just like that, it’s officially Holiday time. EEEEEKKKK (insert nervous sweating/panicking here) because GIFTS people. Will our sister like this sweater that itches?! Will Dad like his new beer making kit?!  Will Grandma get run over by a reindeer?! Will this dress look good on us?! OH WAIT it’s not about us and we need to get back to focusing on others, spending time with family, and try to cut out as much unnecessary stress as possible. But don’t you worry… we are breathing once again, keeping our cool, while also looking hella cute in our Holiday attire all because we are now coming in clutch with some incredible last minute gift finds at the revamped and reloaded RaceTrac. You could pretty much call us the Millennial Santa Claus. SOOO, with that being said, never fear because the Hungry Girls are here to show you some of our favorite last minute gift finds that would make the PERFECT stocking stuffers for your loved ones.




For the sweet as candy guy or gal in your life: we have found their mecca. With RaceTrac’s incredible selection of Holiday candy, you will not only be able to reach the sugar rush of the century BUT you will also be able to fill up their stocking with the sweetest of treats that’ll be sure to get their heart rate pumping just looking at all these fun finds. Our personal fave was RaceTrac’s very own exclusive candy brand, Crazy Good-Ness, offering a huge selection consisting of chocolate covered fruit, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, etc...Just to list a few…. Do you guys think we like chocolate or nahh? Spoiler alert: WE LOVE CHOCOLATE.

I mean, we obviously had to test the candy to make sure it wasn’t poisonous right?? LOL at the things we tell ourselves to justify eating everyone else’s presents. If we haven’t made ourselves very clear, we cannot thank RaceTrac enough for steering us in the best direction possible for all our last minute gift finds. So, if you’re in a pickle over finding the perfect gifts, swerve on over and you too will be the Millennial Santa Claus of everyone’s dreams. HAPPY HOLLADAYS GALS/GUYS!



Megan Roth