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Our love for pizza goes WAYYYY deep and now that our number one convenience store, RaceTrac is serving it up hot and assembled in-store with fresh unique ingredients, we can just taste the love that has gone into it (AKA: the cheesy goodness covered and smothered on each and every  piece). We’re some of those people that believe pizza can cure the world. Bad day? Pizza. Your boyfriend just dumped you? Pizza. You’ve had a sad salad for lunch every single day this week? OMG pizza. So you better believe that we 100% support eating pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We mean HELLOOOO haven’t we always been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So, why wouldn’t you want to start the day in the greatest way possible? It will literally set you up for greatness. Don’t believe us just watch. 

Now, we know we are definitely some serious #buffchick fans so when we heard that Racetrac was offering a limited edition buffalo chicken pizza, we knew we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. They advertised that it would melt your heart along with the cheese and y’all, they were not lying. Their Buffalo Chicken Pizza uses traditional Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as the base (we frickin’ love Frank), 100 percent whole milk cheese and crispy breaded chicken all topped off with ranch dressing. We’re drooling just thinking about it/highly contemplating if we should be buying this #buffchick pizza in bulk and storing it in the freezer for the cold days ahead after this limited edition offer has left us. Any who, we’re bad with good byes and can’t even think about life without this ‘za now that it has come into ours. RUN. Don’t walk to get your hands on a slice of this bad boy. 

As we had mentioned before, we are big breakfast pizza fans and know that these perfect carbs are just what we need to power through whatever our days may throw at us. Well, that and our coffee of course. Thus, we turn to RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar, offering a variety of blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast just to name a few. Never have we ever felt more motivated to start our Monday/any day of the week than we had after guzzling/scarfing down this dynamic duo of a breakfast pairing. 10/10 would recommend. 

All in all, RaceTrac has revved up our engines once again and we can’t thank them enough for reminding us how valuable pizza is at any and all times of the day or night. 

The post is in partnership with RaceTrac. 

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Megan Roth