Our Magical Mandarin Oriental Staycation!

As you all are well aware of, we are constantly complaining not only about our hunger but also about our exhaustion as well. We're like super fun to be around all the time, we know. Anywho, we felt like the only way to regain that lost pep in our step would be with a staycation of course! Next thing you knew, we packed our overnight bags (which were totally pointless since we stayed in our hotel robes the entire time) and were graciously greeted at the lovely Mandarin Oriental. We should probably tell you that the Mandarin is a solid two miles away from our home.... However, when those double doors opened, we were immediately surrounded by the most decadent decor and white marble (so chic) and felt as if we were miles away from our lowly HG Headquarters (AKA: our apartment). 

First on our agenda was a visit to the spa and we're like 99% sure that there is nothing better than having someone rub your face/back so yes, we were off to a wonderful start. We HIGHLY recommend the Oriental Essence massage, as it targets on all stress areas of the body. So basically, a full body massage. The goal of this treatment is to leave you feeling realigned with your mind and emotions so we are currently in the works of starting a petition to have this expense taken care of by our insurance at this point. Mental health, hello? How could we not win this argument? Stay tuned for final results. 

Certainly, all this laying around and being rubbed on really worked our appetites up. And did the Mandarin Oriental offer 24/7 room service? And didn't we just HAVE to take advantage of this spectacular service? But OF COURSE, we did. We ordered their colossal club sandwich and fries and were IMMEDIATELY set in a deep deep coma. Serious sandwich goals here people. 

We eventually woke from this coma but only to order a few more room service items because we were experiencing such intense separation anxiety from the bellman and all the magical treats he carries in on his cart. Up next, mac and cheese and ice cream sundaes because we are 5 years old and will never be capable of maintaining a healthy diet.  Next thing you knew, we were out for the night and 100% content with this double food coma that had just occurred. 

We woke the next day PUMPED and ready to conquer the Mandarin's Dim Sum Sunday brunch buffet. TBH, this was our first dim sum experience and we don't know why this isn't more of a thing...Like, who wouldn't want orange chicken, fried rice, steamed dumplings, and pork buns as a part of their usual breakfast spread? It honestly feels wrong that we were just introduced to this concept. We drank green tea (pinky's up duh) while this was all occurring so we still felt zen AF/kinda skinny as this was all going down. LOL JK about the feeling skinny part but this brunch was literally begging us to induce self-loathing upon ourselves and we felt it was only right to honor this. When it was finally time to roll ourselves out of there, we 100% knew that this would not be our last dim sum brunch. 

With heavy hearts, we grabbed our bags (the ones that were never unpacked) and bid our farewells to the magical place that is The Mandarin Oriental. Ultimately, we left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for whatever the week ahead was going to throw at us and for that, we are forever grateful for our time spent at The MO Atlanta. 

Megan Roth