WEE DOGGY RaceTrac has gone and done it again...or should we say gone and dog it again? LOL wow our jokes could use some work. Anywho, RaceTrac is coming in HOT for #Dogtoberfest, rewarding the hot dog loving people of the world AKA: the best kinds of people in this world for their love of the incredible wiener. That’s right, your wiener could be a winner. Listen up because from now until November 19th, RaceTrac is celebrating their first ever #Dogtoberfest, where they’re calling all hot dog lovers (obviously us) to submit their most incredible hot dog creations AND THE WINNER WILL SERVE AS A JUDGE AT NATHAN’S FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL HOT DOG EATING CHAMPIONSHIP ON JULY 4TH 2018. 


1. Grab a Nathan’s hot dog off the roller grill and create your perfect topping combination

2. Post a photo of that doggone good wiener on Twitter or IG

3. Follow @RaceTrac + Tag @RaceTrac + #Dogtoberfest + #contest


Official Rules: http://bit.ly/hotdogs4tw


Obviously, we had to make 3-12 hot dogs (not all pictured here) to get juuuuuust the right shot. There’s clearly a lot at stake here so we weren’t messing around. Luckily for us, RaceTrac had plenty of perfect golden dog’s for us to pick from and before we knew it, we became our very own Pablo Picasso on these babies. Oh ya, upon reaching over the roller grill (on multiple occasions), we were presented with the hot dog condiment bar of our dreams. Of course it was locked and loaded with the ketchup, the mustard, the relish, the jalapenos (if you’re feeling spicy), the whole dang squad was present, truly allowing us to take matters into our own hands/all over our hands as well because we don’t know how to control ourselves in exciting situations such as this one. 


Eventually, we got ahold of ourselves and the perfect doggone wiener. OR so we think so…. Now the question is- are you up for the challenge?? Talk about the prize of the century. But the fun don’t stop here y’all. That’s right, THERE’S MORE and in addition to the grand prize, one person will be randomly selected each week for a $100 RaceTrac gift card to spend on as many roller grill items you can get your hands on! Now, may the BEST HOT DOG WIN.



Megan Roth