Healthy Eating

Okay, TBH when we just typed "healthy eating" into the title heading, it autocorrected to "deadly eating" instead so LOL yeah, what's that saying about us.... 

New us. Well probably not, but we promise we are going to attempt to make some slight adjustments over here at Hungry Girl HQ. It's February and we have only ordered pizza 4 times! As most of you guys always ask and wonder....yes, we eat out a lot. And yes, it is extremely difficult to not be 500 lbs while living this lifestyle. On a good week we probably dine out up to 8/9 times and of course, these rarely include any kind of salad orders. All those extra calories can really do some damage to our sacred temples and we have noticed.....yup.....a moment on the lips forever on the hips is becoming all too real for us. And while we're on the topic of deep quotes, you know what they say, six packs are made in the kitchen. Well, our kitchen might as well be on fire at the gates of hell. 

As 2017 rolls on in,  (no pun intended because we will not have any rolls in 2017) we have decided to set some goals and REALLY try to stick to them. We have compiled a list of ideas for some fun fresh, fit, habits that we are going to start implementing into our daily lives ASAP. Please see below and please envision us with Kayla Itsines body immediately. 

1. Stop overeating

"But it's for the picture!" We honestly cannot tell you how many times we have uttered these words from the dinner table as our pants are already unbuttoned...but do we still order the beyond unnecessary dessert anyways? Will we ever learn? Hopefully soon you guys.  We solemnly swear to (try) to stop eating when we are full and not when we are basically paralyzed and can't get up from the table. For example, our new favorite thing to do is take the top bun off our burger! And guess what?! Its not that bad without. Life will go on without that dead bread anyways yay! #RIPtopbun


2. Incorporate more healthy options

While yes, a picture of a triple cheese burger with macaroni and cheese ooozing off the potato roll bun will probably get more likes then our purely organic acai bowl paired with coconut water, we have a waistline and we want it to get smaller or shit at least stay the same. 

Some healthy items that we love to eat M-F only are Wallaby Organic Greek Whole Milk Yogurt. To spice it up a bit, we like to mix that ish up with some Purely Elizabeth and call it day.  Check out our favorite kind below and get crunching with it immediately. Check out our favorite variety pack here.

We love chocolate and duh, we are always craving that sweet component to compliment the savory that we're always faced with. We've recently discovered RX bars and you guys, they seriously do the trick curing that sweet tooth. Let us read the ingredients to you, and you'll feel fit AF just from reading it. Okay, ready? 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, no B.S. (lol they are punny too). We order them on amazon bc its way cheaper.  Some of our fav flavors are Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Spice (basic) can purchase here.



3. Workout/Twerkout

While we both are avid ClassPassers, that shit is basically coming to an end and we are pretty torn up about it. If you haven't heard, Classpass has changed their business model and are now trying to make us obese just like the rest of the universe.... No unlimited and only 10 classes a month. Well, slap our ass and call it fat because that isn't going to work for us. Thus, we are lost and are still trying to figure our next move out. If you know of anyone who would like to personally sponsor our monthly workout membership program, please let us know. Like come on, who in their right mind would pay over $300 a month to workout?! Well, if we could we would. So until then, we will start searching for YouTube tutorials on how to download abs and continue class passing (10x a month only blah) so use our link if you want to try it for yourselves and get $30 off here.

4. Stay Hydrated

Some mean skinny betch once told us that we were confusing our hunger for thirst since they are both regulated by the same region of the brain and we simply needed to drink a glass of water to cure that itch.  That skinny betch is now dead. LOL jk just in a (deep) coma but in all seriousness, we try and drink as much H2O as possible but water just gets blahhh. That's where Bai (pronounced bye (just like boy, bye)) comes into the scene helping us actually want to chug a bottle of their low sugar, low cal thirst quencher. One time we got in a screaming fight over the last bottle of the Panama Peach flavor and this is not a joke and we know, we are total psychos. We Amazon that shit too bc convenience baby, check out our favorite Bai case here


We would love to hear from you guys and how you incorporate healthy things into your everyday life!