Revamped Racetrac Gets Us Rowdy



NEVER have we ever been so excited to see our gaslight turn on. And it’s all because RaceTrac has stepped up their gas station game to incredible new heights. We know, we know... how could a conveinence store get us that excited? Well, firstly, it doesn’t take too much to get us excited...BUT more importantly, because the food and drink game at RaceTrac is seriously beyond impressive. When we first walked in, we couldn’t help but notice how strangely sanitary everything looked. And ya know what makes us extra hungry?? When the dining establishment we’re eating at is incredibly clean, that’s what. #germfreebaby The RaceTrac staff is on their A-Game and it 100% reflects in their newly renovated space. 


Of course, the next aspect that got our tummies a rumblin' was seeing the full service food counter, where we were greeted by Chef Ashleigh, the gal behind all of RaceTrac's delicious menu items.  We immediately knew, we were in good hands with her. She exuded passion, creating delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that we had a hard time comprehending all came from the inside of RaceTrac's convenience store. Literally, we still dream about the meatball sub that she constructed right before our very eyes. So warm, fluffy, and now it sounds like we’re describing our beds but like..we don’t love anyone more than we love our beds so this must mean love as well. Basically, what we’re trying to say is, not only is RaceTrac that gas station of our times, but it’s a gas station made for the future. Y’ALL- we could order our meatball subs from a screen. A screen. If this isn’t living, we dunno what is. 


NOW onto dessert/we may or may not have scored some samples here before dinner time (shhh) but when we locked eyes with their “Swirl World” frozen yogurt station and amazing assortment of toppings, we knew it had to be done. We’re talking full on froyo options sicker than your average yogurt shops. Fabulous flavors, strong selection, and a topping bar that set us over the edge. 10/10- would recommend. 

Overall, the newly renovated RaceTrac has changed the way we think of conveience stores/now we cannot stop thinking about this one. Be sure to stay tuned to see what they come up with next and make a HARD swerve on over here the next time your gas light turns on...or if even it doesn’t...either way- we highly recommend it. 

Megan Roth