A Foodie's Guide to Ponce City Market


We dare you to visit Atlanta without going to the crème de la crème, the star player - THE PONCE CITY MARKET. OH, YA. You guys already know what we are talking about. If we die in Atlanta, you might have to bury us in the Ponce City Market Food Hall because THEY HAVE IT ALL Y’ALL. If you can dream it? They will have it. From sweets, to dranks, to pizza, to sushi, to healthy, to not so healthy and much much more.

One of our favorite things about Ponce is its effortless presentation of food from different regions around the world all in one place AND its ability to give us nostalgia. Do you remember those middle school days where you would mall hang with your gang?  Eat at the mall food court? Maybe hit up Claire’s for a wildcard ear piercing without parental supervision or Hot Topic because you were curious. YIKES, no thank you. Ponce is not a mall to say the very least, but rather serves as an amazing meeting place where people can gather in the presence of FOOD. Ya HEAR!

So grab your gang and get to munchin’ and brunchin’ because we got the breakdown of what’s hot or not at the Ponce City Market Food Hall.


B O T T O M  F L O'

Biltong Bar: Beef Jerky and Booze. Not to jerk you one way or the other, but Biltong Bar’s burgers will ch-ch-change your perspective on how a burger should really taste (only served at the Buckhead location). The term “biltong” actually refers to a traditional South African snack and that’s just what Biltong Bar is here to serve you, AND booze of course. Our go to order: Biltong sample board, because a little bite of everything never hurt nobody and you HAVE to pair it with a cocktail or two, or three, to have the fullest experience.

Brezza Cucina: ZAAAAAA’. You might think Brezza Cucina is only a lunch and dinner spot, but NO MAMI. They are serving up all the goods and that INCLUDES breakfast pizza. Did someone say brunch? YAS MA’AM. Our go-to order: Breakfast za’ with a pitcher of mimosas to get you movin’ and groovin’ along the beltline.

Minero: Neighborhood Mexican. Oh, trio samplers. We are WEAK FOR YOU. Minero’s queso is something to talk about. This princess at Ponce has been around since the beginning and is not going anywhere anytime soon. A great spot for taking family or friends out, especially in the spring and early summer months when the patio is bumpin’. Our go-to order: 5 baskets of chips to go with your one bowl of queso and three tacos of your choice to match.

El Super Pan: Latin Sandwiches. THICKA’ THAN MOST should be El Super Pan’s new slogan because they know how to make em’ big, thick, AND juicy. This joint serves up some of the best cuban sandwiches throughout all the streets of ATL. Three of the chefs who opened up El Super Pan brought their Latin American roots along with them to Atlanta and have blessed us with the truest of cuban flavors. The scene is super casual, with a side of spicy music to get you in the mood to chomp down. Our go-to order: CUBAN, duh.

Ton Ton: Ramen. Nothing short of delicious. the long NOODS can whisper you that. Ton Ton does ramen and they do it DAMN good. Our go-to order: The HAKATA TONKOTSU CLASSIC with chashu (pork belly). The pork will melt in your mouth AND the boiled egg will be the first thing to disappear from your bowl because it is JUST ALL THAT AND THEN SOME. Ask for spicy sriracha for an added kick.

Marrakesh: Mediterranean Market. IN OUR DAILY HUMMUS WE (MUST) TRUST…that you are going to fa-la-la-la fall in love with Marrakesh’s lunch menu. If you have never tried Marrakesh’s falafels or burekas, you should drop everything and run, now. Our go-to order: Burekas, otherwise known as a carb filled heaven and the sweet potato fries with tahini sauce for dunkin’ and divin’.

Farm to Ladle: F-R-E-S-H that’s how you spell fresh. Soups, sandwiches, and grandma’s cookies coming @ YOU. Farm to Ladle is a great spot for a quick bite to eat if you are in a hurry. Although, we suggest to take in every bite as slowly as possible because you are gonna want the taste to last forever and everrr. Our go-to order: The tomato BAE-SIL soup paired with a pimento cheese cuban (not available all time).

Bellina Alimentari: Italian. Never been to Italy? NOW you have! Bellina is a must-visit in Ponce City Market for their unbelievably fresh ingredients, taking you straight to the Tuscan hills of Italy. Our go-to order: The @eastpolecoffeeco Espresso Tagliatelle with shiitake mushrooms, kale, and parmigiano reggiano. (seasonal) DROOL. Don’t be thrown by the use of espresso, because the dish is DELIZIOSO! We also suggest sitting at the wine bar to have the bartender pour you a glass of orange wine. No, it is not a spritzer, and yes, you can thank us later.

H&F Burger: Burgers and fries, y’all. We highly, highly recommend stopping by H&F Burger after a few sneaky day drinks to sober you up before the night begins OR just cause their burgers are BANGIN’. Our go-to order: Double stack, cause YOLO, with all the works and extra sauce. Don’t forget the fries or the milkshake.

Hop’s Chicken: Fried Chicken for all of your finger lickin’ needs honey. Hop’s Chicken will get your fix in and FAST. That’s how we do it here in the south. It’s traditional with a twist as they have many, many variations of fried chicken. From spicy to sweet, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Our go-to order: Classic Fried Chicken Biscuit w/ Aunt Julia’s bbq sauce.

Batter Cookie Dough: DOUGH, duh. Throwback to when you weren’t “allowed” to consume raw cookie dough, but it never stopped you anyway. We would like to thank Batter for making our reality a TRUE reality and giving us the green light to eat all things cookie dough. Our go-to order: Red Velvet please, OR the ole’ reliable chocolate chip in a waffle cone.

Honeysuckle Gelato: I scream. You scream. We all scream, for GELATO! You guys know we are suckers for “ice cream” and would NEVER say no to a triple scoop. Honeysuckle gelato has to be one of our Atlanta favorites! Their classic flavors are staples and their seasonal flavors are so RICH in taste, you won’t ever forget it. Our go-to order: Salted Caramel Brownie Gelato Sandwich - NEED WE. SAY MORE.

Five Daughters Bakery: Donuts, but not just any donuts, 100 LAYERS IN ONE DONUT DONUTS. Can it be done? IT ALREADY HAS! Five Daughters Bakery traveled down from its hometown of Nashville to Atlanta and opened another location at PCM in 2018. Their donuts are like no other around Atlanta, and they have truly made their mark. Our go-to order: Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Donut. Salty and sweet to the touch.

Lucky Lotus Juice Bar: JUICIN’. Every once in a while, we have to take a step back from our beloved smoothies at Barry’s Bootcamp and try something new. This is first place on the list for all things juicy after Barry’s. Lucky Lotus likes to show off by having all of their frozen fruit on display to really catch your eye and their smoothie combinations are truly something to brag about. You will have to try it yourself and let us know your favorite. Our go-to order: Berry’ Good.

R O O F  T O P P I N '

Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station: Beer Garden. For you guys trying to show off the great city of Atlanta, Nine Mile Station is a fantastic starting place. Located on the ROOF of Ponce City Market. You can either place a reservation ahead of time or walk-in, but beware as you do have to pay a small of $10 per-person to get to the top of the park. All in all, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR THE BOARDS, THE BOOZE, AND THE VIEWS. Our go-to order: Meat and cheese board with a Creature Comforts Tropicalia to match.

Megan Roth