BRB going WINSANE at RaceTrac right NOW!

We have come down with a bad case of WINSANE IN THE MEMBRANE due to the massive winnings raining down at RaceTrac this summer. And the only cure for it?? Nooo, not more cowbell but instead, to go back to RaceTrac for even more winnings. Right now, they are showing some mad love, surprising guests with a 1-in-3 chance of winning some of our favorite signature RaceTrac Rewards when scanning their new RaceTrac app barcode bad boyyyy. What kind of rewards you ask?? Well, well,  well, we thought you’d never ask....#sponsored


If you guessed a big ole trip to Swirl World, then BOOM we think we just became best friends. Did you know that RaceTrac is the only convenience store that has a Swirl World?? Sounds super swell to us especially during these steamy summer days! Considering the sweat dripping down our faces 99% of the time these days, we feel 100% confident saying that just about anyone would become immediately infatuated with one of their delicious ice creams, italian ices, sorbets, and yogurts….So the real question is: why wouldn’t you take that crazy chance, scan the app, and swirl with us into pleasure town why don’t ya??


Up next on our WINSANE list of rewards: hot diggity dogs. You already know that DOGtoberfest sure was a time to be alive but let’s face it- some RaceTrac rewards look good all year around. It’s no wonder that the roller grill is one of RaceTrac’s most popular offerings serving up Nathan’s Famous 100 percent premium all beef hot dog. We’re getting all types of rowled/rolled up just thinking about these puppies.


And to wash it all down?  All you need is a DOLLAR TO MAKE US HOLLER/hydrated once again. Yup, now through Labor Day, RaceTrac is offering $1.00 fountain drinks no matter the size. We’re so excited about this one we may have wet our pantaloonies but it may have also been the 6 fountain drinks that were consumed as well.


Moral of the story : Download. Purchase.  Scan.…...Win. Eat. Laugh. Cry. Thank us later.
Safe to say our cases of  WINSANE in the MEMBRANE has only gotten worse after reviewing all these marvelous summer surprises raining down at RaceTrac but hey- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?!

Megan Roth