Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson


Pretty sure we will never catch any TERMINAL ILLNESS’ @ HARTSFIELD-JACKSON AIRPORT but we will 100% catch feelings due to the fact that their dining options have gotten soaringly superb (full disclosure- not sure if soaringly is a word). Nooo like we really mean it and have had multiple conversations trying to figure out how we could get past security when we have zero flights to board but also have a huge craving for some of these incredible airport restaurants. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to holler at us. And WHOOPS mayday mayday we just fell even harder for Hartsfield after getting to go on a restaurant crawl, trying 5 of their top restaurant picks. And the best part?? You can do it too- no flight purchase necessary! 

Yup, on November 8th from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson is taking off for an afternoon of terminal tastiness, where all proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry. TALK ABOUT A SMOOTH TRIP. #TasteofHG

As we mentioned before,  we were taken on a sneak peek restaurant crawl throughout Hartsfield-Jackson to get our engines running even higher for #TasteofHG (not that we needed any reinforcing here) but dang, we’re going to start having to buy two airplane seats for each of us soon enough if we keep this eating behavior up. Blame it on #TasteofHG. 


To begin the night, we started at Jekyll Island Seafood Company, found in the International terminal serving up travelers  “A Taste of the Georgia Coast.” After trying their salmon and shrimp n’ grits, we immediately started checking Expedia, searching to find the cheapest International flights available so we could come back to this magical seafood space once again. Spoiler alert: we’re going to Mumbai in January now all because of these dang lump crab cakes. 


The next stop really got our appetites elevated, as we have been called the BBQ Betties once or twice in our lives before. We made our way to Mustard Seed BBQ over in the D as in Delta Terminal and were not disappointed by the BBQ platter that we were faced with here. Everything from their ribs, to their mac n cheese, to their pulled pork was finger licking good. We left smelling like a BBQ pit and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 


Up next, we got to visit  local ATL celeb, LUDACRIS’  very own restaurant: Chicken + Beer. Need we say more? Ludacris. Chicken. Beer. Waffles. Yeah, it’s brilliant. The only thing that could’ve made this spot better was if we had gotten the opportunity to Get Low with Luda himself. 


Believe it or not, after this we kept on pushing through the terminals and made our way at stop #4- Bobby’s Burger Palace, AKA: Bobby Flay’s brand new burger joint. It only makes sense that this Burger Palace be found in the B as in Bravo/burger terminal. #soonbrand There’s no way we were about to say no to our boy Bobby and the most bodacious burger we had ever laid eyes on. So juicy, so meaty, so delectable we are drooling just thinking about it. 


To finish off the evening, we landed at our fifth and final stop of the night, Low Country Boil Seafood, where we pushed through the pain of being unbearably full and downed old fashioned fried chicken, okra, grits, and everything else good made in the south. Dang, we love you, Georgia. 

We mean, it’s no wonder that Hartsfield Jackson is the busiest airport in the world! Who wouldn’t want to fly through such a lovely place filled with so much joy on a daily basis? So, mark your calendars for November 8th because #TasteofHG is going to be one taking off for taste town. Population: US. We’ll see you then! 

Megan Roth