$7 Off Your First Uber Eats Order

As you all know, we are gals of convenience...and since Uber Eats has been active in Atlanta, we have ordered ....wait for it....wait for it.....53 TIMES. That's a lot considering they only touched down a few months ago. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Uber Eats, it's pretty simple. It's just like uber but for your food. They feature a ton of local restuarants and are always adding new ones, and a lot of restaurants will deliver in just under 30 minutes! Can you say hangover helper? Keep that in mind for your New Year's Day struggles. 

Some of our ATL UBER EATS FAVORITES: Star Provisions, Doraku Sushi, DTOX, Sweet Auburn BBQ, Big Al's Butter Burgers, The Cookie Studio, Bell Street Burritos and sooooo much more!

Use our code: HUNGRYGIRLS for $7 off your first order. Now, let the food come to you in 2k17. Expires 2/10/17.