Vandyke Bed & Beverage in Nashville

What happens when you want a get-away weekend to Nashville and want an alternative experience?  You find the baddest Bed and BEVERAGE Boutique Hotel in Nashville!   You heard me right – Bed and BEVERAGE – not to be confused with Bed and Breakfast.  

The true essence of The Vandyke is an 8-room hotel (envision a friends house with 8 different amazing guest suites each named after your alcohol of choice) that just happens to whip up some sassy, craft cocktails and amazing bites to be consumed in the funky common areas and patios. Opened in March of 2019,  The Vandyke Bed and Beverage has situated itself right in the middle of a PRIME location – Five Points in East Nashville! Five Points has a vibrant local atmosphere that has catapulted their food scene off the charts, making it the perfect place for the Vandyke (reminds me of Inman Park in the ATL).

Upon entering the hotel you feel the energy of the crowd, the music, the shaking of the craft cocktails (insert Trashmopolitan x4 here) and its very unique trendy style – I’d say Nashville meets South beach.  As a nod to Nashville’s music heritage, the amazing mural inside the bar has been carefully curated by Tinsley Dempsey, with garage door windows allowing for the sunshine and breeze to flow beautifully through the common areas and patio space. 

Greeted by our host and escorted to our rooms, we were delightfully toured through the crisp, fresh adjoining Rum and Tequila rooms – name a better duo, we’ll wait.  White duvet and sheets, cozy bathrobes, garage door windows that open to the courtyard (insert cool breeze here), baskets filled with all the essentials you’d need (extra towels, hairdryer, Beekman artisan soaps and lotions) and unique artwork locally sourced, both rooms had a different vibe but same great amenities.


Now, let’s talk GRUB. The Vandyke bar has a limited menu, but limited doesn’t really mean limited in my book.  The hot chicken sandwich with jalapeño pimento cheese actually took first place over the amazing burger. Cleary these ditties were a great option to soak up my, many, Trashmopolitans before waiting in line at a speakeasy, Attaboy, followed by dinner at the highly praised 5 Points Pizza

I refer to this boutique-hotel location as having “stumble-ability”.  Yup, you can walk everywhere, have a kick-ass time and stumble back to your bed!  After a stay at the Vandyke you’ll never want a traditional hotel again.  And keep in mind that two days is not enough time to consume all that is 5 Points.  I’m already planning my next trip back to Nashville.


Thank you to Vandyke for letting a hungry gal crash for the weekend. I’ll see you next time for another Trashmopolitan night cap.

-Hungry Gal on the Go

Other Nashville Favorite eats:

  • Lockeland Table (dinner)

  • Rosemary & Beauty Queen (bar)

  • Attaboy (hipster “speakeasy” cocktail bar - you knock on the door and you have to what until they let you in - no menu you just tell them what you like and they make it for you. Cool experience)

  • Five Points Pizza (good late night or dinner pizza causal)

  • Hatties B’s or Prince’s Hot Chicken

  • Edleys or Martins for BBQ

  • City House (dinner)

  • Sweet Sixteenth Bakery (order a one to go)

  • Barista Parlor (instagrammable coffee)

  • LA Jackson (usually pretty busy)

  • Answer (Happy Hour)

  • Rosepepper Cantina

  • Sky Blue Cafe

  • Hawthrone

  • Proper Bagel

  • East Nashville Beer Works (brewery)

  • Bearded Iris (brewery)

  • Jackalope (Brewery)

Megan Roth