Utah Girls Do It Better @ Promontory


Forewarning: We recently caught up on some SERIOUSLY needed R&R in beautiful Park City, Utah and we cannot snap out of vacation mode…

Anywho, we think we’ll eventually get back to our usual grind buttt who knows, we might just be stuck this way forever after getting a taste of what real life heaven on earth looks like. What exactly are we talking about you ask? PICTURE THIS:  Mountains reaching 7,000 feet+ the most beautiful beach house + poolside cabana service supplying some of the best cocktail creations we have ever tasted… Yeah, you could see how that would change a gal, right? Because we have not been the same ever since visiting Promontory Club’s Beach House. It was quite possibly the coolest, most magnificent setup we have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It literally, physically, and mentally took our Utah Vacay to the next level. Like so high we didn’t know we could peak so hard. 


Once we had soaked up enough of that PC summer sunshine at the Beach House, we had the pleasure of making our way up and around to see some more of the beautiful Promontory community, only to be even more blown away one windy road of beautiful homes after another. Of course, we eventually followed our stomachs all the way up to The Peak- AKA: their members only restaurant that served some of the best sushi, salmon, poke, cod and like 10 other signature seafood items that we had ever tasted. Can you sense a trend here…? Because everything here was actually perfect and there is simply no other way to say it. We learned from our fave redhead tour guide that Chef Ben, the incredible creator behind all these delectable seafood dishes, was Nobu trained so we were clearly in the best of hands. Creme de la creme. Best of the best. And we were the luckiest of the lucky. 


After gorging ourselves to the brink of death, we honestly didn’t want to throw in the towel but knew we had to if we were ever going to be able to walk out of there with some dignity/be able to walk out of there at all. We exited just in time to watch the most perfect sunset and let us tell you- golden hour had never looked so good. We left and knew that we were officially ready to become honorary members at Promontory Club for good… so, whenever you’re ready, @ Promontory Club. 

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