Girls Weekend at Château Elan!

Man….isn’t life as two 23 year old working class gals exhausting? But really, we think it is. After living in Atlanta for almost 2 1/2 years now :0… we had always wondered what it would be like to sneak off and treat ourselves to a girls get-away weekend at Chateau Elan! We had heard and seen such incredible things that we honestly couldn't believe we were only a mere 45-minute drive away from such a place.... And then one day, the opportunity presented itself! We were finally going to experience all the wine, spa, and good eats for ourselves. What more could we possibly ask for? Yes, you’re right.  A wonderful boyfriend to come along with us for the ride LOL JK but really where are you? 

As we had mentioned, this was our first experience at Chateau Elan so of course we had to skip out of work early on Friday afternoon and head up to the land of wine and solitude as soon as possible. We checked in, dropped our bags, and were immediately greeted by a wonderful bottle of Chateau Elan’s finest Pinot Noir. I mean yes, we were feeling so pampered and excited so we just had to guzzle the whole damn thing down as part of our civil duty, right?? Okay good, we thought so as well. From there, we went on our merry way and made our way down to our scheduled Wine Tasting and Tour! We sampled a few lovely rośes (aka summer water) and decided we should probably not get kicked out of the resort within the first hour of us arriving.... AKA it was time to slow down on the wine and focus more on the dine.  Thus, we cut it short and wobbled our way down to hill to dinner in their restaurant, Fleur Di Lis, which was temporarily located in the spa and usually only open for lunch. This was the case due to unfortunate renovations going down over at the castle but obviously, we saw this as a sign that we would just HAVE to come back once the castle was back up and running. We started off with their award winning crab cakes, and followed it up with their decadent filet mignon and a cheesy baked rigatoni that we constantly talk about to this very day.  Overlooking the gazebo and lake-calm vibes all around us, made us thirsty again so we obviously had to wash it all down another incredible Chateau Elan bottle of wine. We clearly were not holding back during this time and you should all know we can only take so much excitement...therefore, our heads almost immediately hit the plush hotel pillows following our magnificent meal and we were out like lights. 

The next day we awoke and were ready for more action (eating) of course. Only a few staircases away was our lovely breakfast destination, Versailles. We were happily greeted by a full-blown breakfast buffet that literally made us go weak in the knees. It's safe to say that our table saw 4-12 different breakfast plates during this short time period and we also quickly learned that we should banned from breakfast buffets for life.

With a tearful eye, we packed our suitcases and bid our farewells to such an amazing girls getaway weekend. However, to ease with the pain, we thought some souvenir purchasing (AKA bottles of wine & cute dish towels) would help sooth our heavy hearts. As we pulled away from the beautiful Chateau Elan castle in our rearview mirror behind us, we knew this wasn't goodbye, it was see you later.