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We are going to let you finish those wings, but uh, ATLANTA IS THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST FOR THIS YEAR’S BIG GAME.

*mic drop*

If you haven’t heard, or possibly live under a rock, Super Bowl LIII is coming to the A this year. WHOOP, WHOOP!  Alert the local taverns and dive bars because THE Hungry Girls are ready to EAT. 

So, whether you are dining with celebrities inside the Benz or out and about on the town, here is the scoop on where to watch the game and get your grub on.


Fox Bros. BAR-B-Q

If you are an OG hungry girls follower you already know we are a Fox Bros Bar-B-Q STAN. Quite the Atlanta staple as they serve the Atlanta Braves, the Hawks, the Falcons and United fans alike. Happy to say Atlanta is the hub of this Bar-B-Q King is an understatement. Our go to order: The Brisket or the $5 Frito Pie that is served INSIDE a Frito bag, holy yum. Don’t forget to add the brisket chili on top.

Kevin Gillespie’s Gamechanger

Employees of Kevin Gillespie’s Gamechanger are, in fact, GAME CHANGERS in themselves. The team here is amazing! Kevin is a long time Falcon’s Fan that shows his dedication through the creation of “high-end” junk food. Our kinda place to say the least. Our go to order: COS Chicken Sandwich

Molly B’s Kitchen

If you didn’t know that Molly B’s Kitchen is named after Falconer’s own Arthur Blank’s mother, YOU DO NOW! Inspired by the southern chophouse, Chef of Atlanta’s Two Urban Licks created the menu with recipes inspired by Molly Blank herself. Shoutout to the Benz for personifying all of our foodie dreams. Our go to order: MAC N CHEESE. Bye.

Sublime Doughnuts

DIRTY D(onuts) for our hometown DIRTY BIRDS. Sublime Donuts does not only hold a spot in our hearts, but a spot in Atlanta’s as well as the Donut shop has made its way to the Benz. Their unique combinations of flavors and textures makes their donuts superior to most. Our go to order: A TOWN CREAM

Antico’s Pizza Napoletana

The perfect pie DOES EXIST, all thanks to Antico’s Pizza that is. The pizzeria brought Neapolitan style pizza right to Atlanta’s door step back in 2009 and we are forever grateful they did. Our go to order: DIAVOLA

Smoke & Pour Carts

DO NOT SLEEP ON THE CONCESSION CARTS! We repeat, DO NOT! The Smoke & Pour carts are one of the best-kept secrets of the Benz. This is mainly due to their BURNT END NACHOS, BUT WE’RE JUST SAYIN’. Our go to order: Burnt End Nachos or bust.

Also don’t miss out on $2 hotdogs, $2 Water and fairly prices beverages. Thank you Atlanta - we are here for Mercedes Benz til the end.



Craving the ZA’ for the big day? Don’t want to leave your humble abode? Look no further than Blue Moon Pizza! Blue Moon is having a SUPER FEAST DEAL for the big game. For $53 you will receive twenty wings, two 2 – topping medium sized pizzas, two 2 liter sodas or two half gallon iced teas! You can pre-order online or by phone any time before Sunday for pick-up or delivery. NOW THAT’S A STEAL.

Our go to order: Garlic Rolls and Buffalo Hot Wings.


Lovies BBQ

LET’S TALK LOVIES BBQ SUPER BOWL PACKAGES. If you are wanting the Q’ for your Super Bowl Sunday, LOVIES IS HERE FOR YOU. They have not one, but TWO Super Bowl Packages you can choose from. The Touchdown Package serves 6 - 8 people and includes 2 lbs. of pulled pork or chicken, 3 pint sized sides, a dozen smoked wings, 1/2 slab of ribs, BBQ sauce and buns, chocolate chip cookies, AND a gallon of iced tea. The All-Pro Package gives you the same kind of fixin’s for double the amount of people! Click the link above to read more details on Lovies Super Bowl Packages so YOU CAN GET YOUR Q’ ON.

Our go to order: Brisket baby and never miss Breakfast - EVER.

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Y’all, Irby’s KNOWS how to throw down on game day. They have 21 TV’s so even if you blink you won’t miss a second of the game. We suggest calling ahead to make a reservation for Sunday to secure a spot. For you late night owls, they are throwing an after dark pre-party on Saturday with drink specials and a late night bites.

Our go to order: Kev’s Garbage Bread.

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Want to skip out on the downtown ATL traffic? Checkout Nowak’s ! In the heart of Morningside, Nowak’s has classic gameday dishes, cold drinks, and TV’s at every angle. They will be serving up game day favorites like Wings, Burgers, Po-boys, Chili, cocktails and more ranging from $3 - $16

Our go to order: Nowak Brother’s Burger.

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Tao Group & Owen’s Craft Mixers at TONGUE & GROOVE

This one is for our partiers. The Tao Restaurant Group and Owen’ Craft Mixers are teaming up to throw THE Big Game party of the weekend at Atlanta’s famed club, Tongue & Groove. Taking place this Friday & Saturday from 8 – 10 p.m. Tickets are $45 each, which includes a 1 hour OPEN BAR and guaranteed access to stay at the event all night. You can thank us later because we are giving away 8 tickets to the event over on our Instagram.

Our go to order: Ginger + Lime Mixer ADD VODKA

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For our classier folks we suggest Hampton + Hudson. Want to get your brunch on before the game? Check. Want to pre-game the Big Game? Check. Want to tailgate the whole day long? CHECK. Lucky for you guys they are having an all day shindig with STUFFED PRETZEL BITES. YOU’RE WELCOME. Check out their website for more details.

Our go to order: Pretty much everything - don’t miss the wings.


Pups + Football + Good Grub.What more could someone ask for? If you are wanting to take your fur-friend to an Atlanta hotspot for the game be sure to check out Family Dog Atlanta! They are hosting a watch party for the game on Sunday and would love to meet your trusted side-kick.

Our go to order: Buffalo Cauliflower, Wings & Nashville Hot Chicken

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