Cinco De Cayman, Mon.

Thank you to Cayman Jack for sponsoring this post.



Cinco de Mayo doesn’t roll around on a SaturYAY all too often so the pressure to make this day the perfect fiesta was really laying heavily upon us. To be honest, we didn’t know where to begin or how we were going to perfectly execute this red-hot Holiday in the ATL sun. However, one thing we did know: this day would be jam-packed with margs. 

Now, if you know us AT ALL, you know that we are some of the most inadequate people in the kitchen. We’re serious and it’s pathetic and we know we need to work on it. This minor detail led us to some of our biggest Cinco concerns…Do we know how to make our own guac? Of course not. Do we know how to make the perfect margarita? Definitely no. Are we functioning adults? Easily up for debate. Thus, we turned to Cayman Jack AKA: A GENIE IN A BOTTLE (CINCO STYLE). 

Who is this Cayman Jack we speak of? Well, he obviously must be a very cool dude, but we digress and will get back to this genie in a bottle topic we just hit on.  Cayman Jack is a ready-to-drink, handcrafted margarita and it’s DELICIOUS. What a time to be alive, people. As if the convenience and taste weren’t enough for you, we should also mention the fact that it’s made with a perfect blend of authentic, natural ingredients, including 100% blue agave nectar from Mexico. Nooo, we’re not trying to drown you in all the wonderful things inside this beautiful baby bottle….We’re simply trying to get the point across that they have managed to create the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, refreshing, sexy and bottle it all up into a cute lil’ glass jar that we could easily take in our purse and all throughout our Cinco de Mayo adventures. 

When we heard Cayman Jack was partnering up with Fox Bros Bar-B-Q, one of the best Barbecue spots in all of Atlanta, we knew it was destiny.  Like, we love BBQ and we love margs… why didn’t we think of this dynamic duo ourselves? We were immediately greeted with our precious genie in a bottle, Cayman Jack Margarita upon sitting down at Fox Bros and loved to see that everyone else around us was enjoying it just as much as we were. You could say that our Cinco was going muy bien at that point…. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any sweeter, we were faced with complimentary limited edition brisket taquitos that we have not stopped talking about to this day. The savory crunch of that mixed with the sweet and tangy, smooth margarita was literally to die for. We felt like we were on vacay, but really we were sitting next to a giant meat smoker (and duh, we loved it). 

On top of that, we managed to polish off a BBQ platter as big as our heads. We feel safe to say that we’re going steady with Cayman Jack now and are pretty sure that this love is only getting stronger with every passing day. It was truly a Cinco De Mayo to remember and we feel 100% confident saying that the amor for Cayman Jack goes deep. This genie in a bottle connection is not something you just give up and for that we will be forever grateful to our boy, Cayman Jack. 

Megan Roth