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Cinco de Mayo doesn’t roll around on a SaturYAY all too often so the pressure to make this day the perfect fiesta was really laying heavily upon us. To be honest, we didn’t know where to begin or how we were going to perfectly execute this red-hot Holiday in the ATL sun. However, one thing we did know: this day would be jam-packed with margs. 

Now, if you know us AT ALL, you know that we are some of the most inadequate people in the kitchen. We’re serious and it’s pathetic and we know we need to work on it. This minor detail led us to some of our biggest Cinco concerns…Do we know how to make our own guac? Of course not. Do we know how to make the perfect margarita? Definitely no. Are we functioning adults? Easily up for debate. Thus, we turned to Cayman Jack AKA: A GENIE IN A BOTTLE (CINCO STYLE). 

Who is this Cayman Jack we speak of? Well, he obviously must be a very cool dude, but we digress and will get back to this genie in a bottle topic we just hit on.  Cayman Jack is a ready-to-drink, handcrafted margarita and it’s DELICIOUS. What a time to be alive, people. As if the convenience and taste weren’t enough for you, we should also mention the fact that it’s made with a perfect blend of authentic, natural ingredients, including 100% blue agave nectar from Mexico. Nooo, we’re not trying to drown you in all the wonderful things inside this beautiful baby bottle….We’re simply trying to get the point across that they have managed to create the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, refreshing, sexy and bottle it all up into a cute lil’ glass jar that we could easily take in our purse and all throughout our Cinco de Mayo adventures. 

When we heard Cayman Jack was partnering up with Fox Bros Bar-B-Q, one of the best Barbecue spots in all of Atlanta, we knew it was destiny.  Like, we love BBQ and we love margs… why didn’t we think of this dynamic duo ourselves? We were immediately greeted with our precious genie in a bottle, Cayman Jack Margarita upon sitting down at Fox Bros and loved to see that everyone else around us was enjoying it just as much as we were. You could say that our Cinco was going muy bien at that point…. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any sweeter, we were faced with complimentary limited edition brisket taquitos that we have not stopped talking about to this day. The savory crunch of that mixed with the sweet and tangy, smooth margarita was literally to die for. We felt like we were on vacay, but really we were sitting next to a giant meat smoker (and duh, we loved it). 

On top of that, we managed to polish off a BBQ platter as big as our heads. We feel safe to say that we’re going steady with Cayman Jack now and are pretty sure that this love is only getting stronger with every passing day. It was truly a Cinco De Mayo to remember and we feel 100% confident saying that the amor for Cayman Jack goes deep. This genie in a bottle connection is not something you just give up and for that we will be forever grateful to our boy, Cayman Jack. 

Pizza for Breakfast, Pizza for Lunch, Pizza Forever, MUNCH MUNCH, MUNCH MUNCH



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Our love for pizza goes WAYYYY deep and now that our number one convenience store, RaceTrac is serving it up hot and assembled in-store with fresh unique ingredients, we can just taste the love that has gone into it (AKA: the cheesy goodness covered and smothered on each and every  piece). We’re some of those people that believe pizza can cure the world. Bad day? Pizza. Your boyfriend just dumped you? Pizza. You’ve had a sad salad for lunch every single day this week? OMG pizza. So you better believe that we 100% support eating pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We mean HELLOOOO haven’t we always been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So, why wouldn’t you want to start the day in the greatest way possible? It will literally set you up for greatness. Don’t believe us just watch. 

Now, we know we are definitely some serious #buffchick fans so when we heard that Racetrac was offering a limited edition buffalo chicken pizza, we knew we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. They advertised that it would melt your heart along with the cheese and y’all, they were not lying. Their Buffalo Chicken Pizza uses traditional Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as the base (we frickin’ love Frank), 100 percent whole milk cheese and crispy breaded chicken all topped off with ranch dressing. We’re drooling just thinking about it/highly contemplating if we should be buying this #buffchick pizza in bulk and storing it in the freezer for the cold days ahead after this limited edition offer has left us. Any who, we’re bad with good byes and can’t even think about life without this ‘za now that it has come into ours. RUN. Don’t walk to get your hands on a slice of this bad boy. 

As we had mentioned before, we are big breakfast pizza fans and know that these perfect carbs are just what we need to power through whatever our days may throw at us. Well, that and our coffee of course. Thus, we turn to RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar, offering a variety of blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast just to name a few. Never have we ever felt more motivated to start our Monday/any day of the week than we had after guzzling/scarfing down this dynamic duo of a breakfast pairing. 10/10 would recommend. 

All in all, RaceTrac has revved up our engines once again and we can’t thank them enough for reminding us how valuable pizza is at any and all times of the day or night. 

The post is in partnership with RaceTrac. 

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SPRANGSVING HAS SPRUNG, Y’ALL. Never heard of Sprangiving? Have no fear because we totally just made that up right now but honestly, who could blame us after Honey Baked Ham served up the Easter Brunch spread of the century seen here?! Yeah, this might be our new favorite Holiday…

We know everyone celebrates the Easter season a little differently but with the endless options that Honey Baked has to offer, everyone will be agreeing on one thing…. WE ALL WANT SECONDS. Yup. Honey Baked Ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, cinnamon apples, red velvet cake, pecan pie, must we go on?? Because we’re pretty sure these dishes never go out of style and taste amazing regardless of what season it may be. 

So, call up your scary Mother-In-Law, all your BFF’s, and maybe even your neighbors across the street as well because this springtime spread is SURE to land you at the top of everyone’s hostess with the mostess list. Literally no sweat off our backs, considering we’re some of the most insuffiecient people you will ever see in the kitchen but NOPE not today. We are looking even better than the Easter bunny right now. Easter Sprangsgivng is about to be trending y’all, you just wait and see. 


And just like that, it’s officially Holiday time. EEEEEKKKK (insert nervous sweating/panicking here) because GIFTS people. Will our sister like this sweater that itches?! Will Dad like his new beer making kit?!  Will Grandma get run over by a reindeer?! Will this dress look good on us?! OH WAIT it’s not about us and we need to get back to focusing on others, spending time with family, and try to cut out as much unnecessary stress as possible. But don’t you worry… we are breathing once again, keeping our cool, while also looking hella cute in our Holiday attire all because we are now coming in clutch with some incredible last minute gift finds at the revamped and reloaded RaceTrac. You could pretty much call us the Millennial Santa Claus. SOOO, with that being said, never fear because the Hungry Girls are here to show you some of our favorite last minute gift finds that would make the PERFECT stocking stuffers for your loved ones.




For the sweet as candy guy or gal in your life: we have found their mecca. With RaceTrac’s incredible selection of Holiday candy, you will not only be able to reach the sugar rush of the century BUT you will also be able to fill up their stocking with the sweetest of treats that’ll be sure to get their heart rate pumping just looking at all these fun finds. Our personal fave was RaceTrac’s very own exclusive candy brand, Crazy Good-Ness, offering a huge selection consisting of chocolate covered fruit, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, etc...Just to list a few…. Do you guys think we like chocolate or nahh? Spoiler alert: WE LOVE CHOCOLATE.

I mean, we obviously had to test the candy to make sure it wasn’t poisonous right?? LOL at the things we tell ourselves to justify eating everyone else’s presents. If we haven’t made ourselves very clear, we cannot thank RaceTrac enough for steering us in the best direction possible for all our last minute gift finds. So, if you’re in a pickle over finding the perfect gifts, swerve on over and you too will be the Millennial Santa Claus of everyone’s dreams. HAPPY HOLLADAYS GALS/GUYS!






NEVER have we ever been so excited to see our gaslight turn on. And it’s all because RaceTrac has stepped up their gas station game to incredible new heights. We know, we know... how could a conveinence store get us that excited? Well, firstly, it doesn’t take too much to get us excited...BUT more importantly, because the food and drink game at RaceTrac is seriously beyond impressive. When we first walked in, we couldn’t help but notice how strangely sanitary everything looked. And ya know what makes us extra hungry?? When the dining establishment we’re eating at is incredibly clean, that’s what. #germfreebaby The RaceTrac staff is on their A-Game and it 100% reflects in their newly renovated space. 


Of course, the next aspect that got our tummies a rumblin' was seeing the full service food counter, where we were greeted by Chef Ashleigh, the gal behind all of RaceTrac's delicious menu items.  We immediately knew, we were in good hands with her. She exuded passion, creating delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that we had a hard time comprehending all came from the inside of RaceTrac's convenience store. Literally, we still dream about the meatball sub that she constructed right before our very eyes. So warm, fluffy, and now it sounds like we’re describing our beds but like..we don’t love anyone more than we love our beds so this must mean love as well. Basically, what we’re trying to say is, not only is RaceTrac that gas station of our times, but it’s a gas station made for the future. Y’ALL- we could order our meatball subs from a screen. A screen. If this isn’t living, we dunno what is. 


NOW onto dessert/we may or may not have scored some samples here before dinner time (shhh) but when we locked eyes with their “Swirl World” frozen yogurt station and amazing assortment of toppings, we knew it had to be done. We’re talking full on froyo options sicker than your average yogurt shops. Fabulous flavors, strong selection, and a topping bar that set us over the edge. 10/10- would recommend. 

Overall, the newly renovated RaceTrac has changed the way we think of conveience stores/now we cannot stop thinking about this one. Be sure to stay tuned to see what they come up with next and make a HARD swerve on over here the next time your gas light turns on...or if even it doesn’t...either way- we highly recommend it. 



DO YOU REMEMBER THE 21ST NIGHT DAY*** OF SEPTEMBER DOE?? BC IT’S FREE QUESO DAY at the one and only Moe’s Southwestern Grill if you haven’t already heard and we are getting mad cheesy wit it. That’s right, the time has come...the momentous day where we can all come together to eat that fabulous and FREE 6 ounces of liquid gold together BC QUESO IS LIFE Y’ALL. The King of queso is here to celebrate all of us cheesy loving even if you’re trying to be financially savvy (it sucks, we know), this is your time to shine bc they’ll give you the queso no purchase necessary! IDK if we could be any more appreciative of this day. TBH, we’re drooling just thinking about it and if anyone tries to tell you that queso isn’t a breakfast food, they are wrong and you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.


Also, if you’ve got a dirty queso secret you want to get off your chest… well, first off, that’s amazing but secondly, Moe’s will be offering customers a 24-hour Queso Hotline (bling), where all y’all kookie queso lovers can call in and confess the freakiest food you’ve ever eaten with queso. Dang...the things we would do to hear these phone calls but we’ll definitely be dialing in a time or two…. Hit ‘em up at 1-855-440-6337 and as we previously mentioned, it’s a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE so we encourage each and every one of you to make this Free Queso Day one to remember. Because, it only comes once a year so we’ve gotta dip it, sip it, flip it WHILE WE CAN PEOPLE. Happy Free Queso Day!!!



We have had a soft spot in our hearts for Tin Lizzy’s ever since we first moved to the A and heard that the creators/obviously really cool dudes behind it were FSU Alumna. It was basically a safe haven for us to run to on game days/any day we were needing a marg fix and feel like we were right back at home with all our fellow Noles by our sides. And also, their chips are seasoned AF and we literally have dreams about them… 

But anywho, we had our first experience here during football season in Fall 2014 and ya, we had like no friends here so we thought we’d hit up Tin Lizzy’s with Megan’s parents who were in town (they’re not regular parents-they’re cool parents). We drowned ourselves with chips, queso, tacos and got pretty turnt…We then proceeded to take good ole mom and dad to The Ivy…. What a terrible decision (cc: red bull/vodka). Let’s just say that later that night we ended up answering the telephones at Papa John’s and were politely escorted out of the building. Moral of the story: our wonderful night all started with the magic of Tin Lizzy’s. It’s basically the greatest love story of our time. 

Fast forward to today and now; we are old and washed up. So much so that a surprise party was thrown in honor of Kathleen hitting the big 25. I mean, can you say quarter life crisis??? It was Mexican themed so of course, Tin Lizzy’s came to the rescue and catered the shit out of it.  They suggested a TACO BAR AND WE SAID YES….like how much more perfect could it get? Answer: impossible bc that day and food spread was LIT. We’ve gone ahead and listed what was present during our hella poppin’ b-day party below bc we are really nice girls and think that everyone deserves an incredible b-day party catered by Tin Lizzy’s. 

They were so helpful and amazing at making suggestions and we wouldn’t change a thing! See our catering order below!

Soft Flour Tortillas
½ Grilled Chicken
½ Grilled Steak
Shredded Lettuce
Black Beans
Pico de Gallo
Shredded Jack Cheese
Sour Cream
Smoky Chipotle Sauce
Signature Seasoned Chips (DUH)
Salsa Roja
Fresh Guacamole
Queso Blanco

And just FYI, Tin Lizzy’s goes above and beyond. They give you all the good utensils, plates, napkins you name it!  Literally everything but the Margarita Machine ;) And we think it's no coincidence that tomorrow is NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY and of course, Tin Lizzy’s is making us proud once again. Can you say fiesta? Bc you’re about to. In honor of such a momentous Holiday, Tin Lizzy’s is offering..........

1800 Tequila shots for just $2.00 starting Monday July 24th - Sunday July 30th.

That gives you 7 whole days to get yourself all the way tequila turnt up.  

In conclusion, Tin Lizzy's is it.